Still Busy, But I’m Back!

It’s been a long hiatus (my last post was in July), but I’m planning to update more regularly going forward. At least until I get crazier busy again.

The Washington Post decided to discontinue the Box Seats blog, which was where I was writing for them. Disappointing, but it was fun to write for the Post — even if it was just online.

One reason I didn’t update much lately is that I’ve been having a blast blogging about the Redskins and the Ravens for the guys at Even though the Skins were bad, it’s been a lot of fun. It didn’t hurt that Baltimore has been terrific.

Currently, I’m going through the Redskins units to assess what they have and what they’ll need for next season. The list of needs is lengthy.

Over at the Ravens blog, I’m about to dive into the playoffs — it’s nice to be writing about a serious Super Bowl contender.

In addition to the football blogging, I also found time to do a revision on my novel and enter it in a contest. A win would be very nice.

Look for some Wizards commentary in the next few days.

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