Interesting Stuff I Read Today, 12/4/18

Day two of the experiment in posting links to things I read and found interesting.

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  • New York City wants to protect the Strand bookstore by making it a designated landmark. The catch: owner Nancy Bass Wyden doesn’t want it and says it could kill the bookstore by imposing landmark restrictions. Killer line: “The richest man in America, who’s a direct competitor, has just been handed $3 billion in subsidies. I’m not asking for money or a tax rebate,” Ms. Wyden said. “Just leave me alone.”
  • The “three C’s” of screenwriting — concept, characters, conflict. Nothing earth-shaking about the advice here, but still useful reminders.
  • It’s looking like the campaign for Republican Mark Harris committed coordinated election fraud in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District race. After all the noise made by Trump and the GOP about voter fraud, they’re weirdly not saying anything about GOP campaign workers stealing absentee ballots.
  • While on the subject of GOP efforts to disenfranchise voters…this one is from Georgia.
  • And this one, which includes: “Let’s start in Wisconsin, where Republicans gerrymandered so ruthlessly…Democratic candidates won 54 percent of votes for the state house but Republicans held on to an incredible 64 percent of the seats.” Similar crap is happening in Michigan, and North Carolina.
  • Odd how these white nationalist types keep emerging from the ranks of the GOP.
  • Lee Child is working on bringing his iconic character Jack Reacher to television. This is great news (if you haven’t read any of the Reacher books, you’re missing out). My hope is they don’t get too caught up in casting a star. Pick a talented “unknown” who can be Reacher, and let the fan equity from writing a popular series of books build the TV audience.
  • Interesting analysis of the effects of the NBA’s emphasis on freedom of movement this season.
  • Parts of this article about Robert Covington from Ben Falk read like a subtweet of this year’s Washington Wizards.

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