Today’s Most Interesting Reads, 12/11/18

  • The solution for urban highways might be to eliminate them completely.
  • This is from a while back. It’s an interesting analysis of two-point vs. three-point shooting that starts off in a weird direction and ends up at the same conclusion that analytics nerds have been repeating for years now: it’s better to shoot threes than two-point jumpers. 
  • Dave Zirin reviews a new documentary: The Trials of Muhammad Ali, which offers a deep look at Ali and includes rarely seen footage. Zirin writes that it’s the best Ali documentary he’s ever seen.
  • No. Just no.
  • Ezra Klein writes about Paul Ryan’s legacy as a con man. Ryan presented himself as someone ready to make “tough choices” (mostly slashing support for poor people and the elderly), but when he became Speaker, led the charge to pass budgets that increased budget deficits by 80% annually. Key point by Klein: “The question here is not why Ryan didn’t live up to a liberal philosophy of government; it’s why he didn’t live up to his own philosophy of government.”
  • Also from Ezra Klein, a critique of Andrew Sullivan’s shitty reasoning.
  • Matt Yglesias bids good riddance to John Kelly.
  • Researchers have found that “despite extreme heat, no light, minuscule nutrition, and intense pressure…the subterranean biosphere is teeming with…micro-organisms, hundreds of times the combined weight of every human on the planet.”

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