Publishing My Novel

As my dad used to say, “It’s time to shit or get off the pot.” This never made a bit of sense to me. If I was on the pot, it was because I needed to shit. If I was on the pot and not shitting, it surely wasn’t because I was indecisive. I’m off topic.

My apologies for the shitty lede.

As some may have noticed, I’ve been threatening for a while to publish my mystery novel. A version of the first chapter has been up on the site, but life happens and it gets easier and easier to make excuses and put off things like finishing the damn thing and making people read it.

Two things have consistently helped me finish writing projects throughout my life: inspiration and a deadline. Inspiration has arrived in the form of “lifelong space nerd” and author Andy Weir, who has written two books so far that I can’t recommend enough — The Martian and Artemis. (The Martian was made into a movie; Artemis should (and probably will) be soon.)

Weir published The Martian online for free in serial form. He later self-published it in book form, and later still got picked up by an agent and publisher. Or something like that. Actual details may vary.

I don’t expect anything like the kind of success he earned, but…I’m going to attempt something similar. On February 1, I’m publishing the final version of the first chapter of No In Between (that’s my mystery novel — keep up). Every few days after, I’ll publish another chapter.

I’ll post each chapter on the blog, and then in sequential order on the page specifically for the book so that latecomers can read it in order without excessive clicking and searching. When I’m at the halfway point, I’ll make the entire novel available on Amazon at a reasonable price for those who just gotta know how the thing ends and can’t wait for me to trickle out another chapter. And, not to brag or anything, but it’s a killer ending.

I welcome your feedback along the way, but remember — if you say anything bad about my book, I will hunt you down and insult your children!

Wish me luck.

I need it.

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