NBA Player Production Average

Player Production Average (PPA) is an overall rating metric developed by me that credits players for things they do that help a team win and debits them for things that hurt the cause. PPA is similar to other linear weight rating metrics such as John Hollinger’s PER, David Berri’s Wins Produced, Kevin Pelton’s VORP, and the granddaddy of them all, Dave Heeren’s TENDEX.

PPA weighs a player’s performance per possession against that of his competitors season by season. While PPA falls into the category of a linear weight metric, the actual values for statistical categories float a bit season to season based on league performance.

PPA is pace neutral, accounts for defense, and includes a “degree of difficulty” factor based on the level of competition a player faces while on the floor. For 2019-20, I’ve introduced a position/role adjustment designed to reflect how roles and on-court positioning affects individual abilities to produce certain stats. I expect this adjustment to evolve as I continue to research it and analyze results.

Inputs include:

  • points
  • rebounds (offensive and defensive weighed differently)
  • assists
  • steals
  • blocks
  • shot attempts
  • turnovers
  • personal fouls
  • starts
  • minutes
  • on-court team defensive rating

All stats are per 100 possessions.

What PPA scores mean (in most seasons — understanding that the levels can fluctuate from season to season and by position):

  • 225+ — league Most Valuable Player candidate
  • 175+ — typically All-NBA level
  • 150+ — usually the minimum score for All-Star level
  • 100 — average
  • 75 — decent reserve
  • 45 and below — replacement level

I have not yet published full details on how PPA works. That’s being planned, and I’ll provide additional information as those plans solidify.

If you’re interested in regular updates, please check back here or give me a follow here or on Twitter.

Below are scores for the 2019-20 regular season through games played March 7, 2020.

Position, age information, and raw stats come from Basketball-Reference

John CollinsPF22ATL3932.7207
Trae YoungPG21ATL5835.2166
Jabari ParkerPF24ATL3226.2117
Kevin HuerterSG21ATL5431.292
Alex LenC26ATL4018.690
Damian JonesC24ATL5516.185
Dewayne DedmonC30ATL822.354
DeAndre’ BembrySG25ATL4321.354
Bruno FernandoC21ATL5412.853
Jeff TeaguePG31ATL2321.153
Brandon GoodwinPG24ATL3412.649
De’Andre HunterSF22ATL6131.943
Cam ReddishSF20ATL5626.442
Allen CrabbeSG27ATL2818.639
Charlie BrownSG22ATL104.036
Treveon GrahamSG26ATL2012.030
Vince CarterSF43ATL5814.627
Chandler ParsonsSF31ATL510.825
Evan TurnerPG31ATL1913.213
Tyrone WallaceSG25ATL1411.4-15
Paul WatsonSG25ATL28.5-89
Kemba WalkerPG29BOS4831.9173
Jayson TatumPF21BOS5734.5168
Gordon HaywardSF29BOS4333.2164
Daniel TheisC27BOS5623.6139
Enes KanterC27BOS4917.8132
Jaylen BrownSF23BOS5034.0131
Marcus SmartSG25BOS5132.3118
Robert WilliamsC22BOS2214.0107
Tacko FallC24BOS64.073
Javonte GreenSF26BOS449.472
Brad WanamakerPG30BOS6119.463
Semi OjeleyePF25BOS5914.754
Vincent PoirierC26BOS215.439
Grant WilliamsPF21BOS6015.933
Romeo LangfordSG20BOS2510.717
Carsen EdwardsSG21BOS359.014
Tremont WatersPG22BOS108.9-8
Kyrie IrvingPG27BRK2032.9211
Jarrett AllenC21BRK6225.9160
DeAndre JordanC31BRK5421.8124
Joe HarrisSF28BRK6131.0112
Spencer DinwiddieSG26BRK6231.1110
Chris ChiozzaPG24BRK910.8108
Nicolas ClaxtonPF20BRK1512.587
Caris LeVertSG25BRK3728.686
David NwabaSF27BRK2013.484
Garrett TempleSG33BRK5528.179
Taurean Waller-PrinceSF25BRK6229.063
Timothé Luwawu-CabarrotSG24BRK3716.844
Wilson ChandlerSF32BRK3320.837
Rodions KurucsPF21BRK3912.835
Džanan MusaSF20BRK3511.530
Jeremiah MartinPG23BRK35.328
Iman ShumpertSG29BRK1318.518
Theo PinsonSG24BRK3211.3-4
Henry EllensonPF23BRK53.0-39
Justin AndersonSF26BRK35.7-92
Max StrusSG23CHI23.0174
Zach LaVineSG24CHI6034.8139
Shaquille HarrisonSF26CHI4110.2137
Tomáš SatoranskýPG28CHI6329.0121
Lauri MarkkanenPF22CHI4830.0113
Otto PorterSF26CHI1223.3110
Wendell CarterC20CHI4129.3106
Kris DunnPG25CHI5124.994
Thaddeus YoungPF31CHI6224.989
Cristiano FelícioPF27CHI2217.585
Daniel GaffordC21CHI4114.076
Denzel ValentineSF26CHI3413.075
Chandler HutchisonSF23CHI2818.869
Luke KornetC24CHI3615.567
Coby WhiteSG19CHI6325.457
Ryan ArcidiaconoPG25CHI5816.051
Adam MokokaSG21CHI1110.236
Devonte’ GrahamPG24CHO6134.9116
Cody ZellerC27CHO5623.1112
Terry RozierPG25CHO6234.2108
Bismack BiyomboC27CHO5119.395
P.J. WashingtonPF21CHO5630.593
Miles BridgesSF21CHO6330.792
Willy HernangómezC25CHO3112.185
Nicolas BatumSF31CHO2223.071
Marvin WilliamsPF33CHO4119.770
Cody MartinSF24CHO4618.263
Malik MonkSG21CHO5521.360
Jalen McDanielsPF22CHO1416.960
Caleb MartinSF24CHO1615.326
Dwayne BaconSG24CHO3917.68
Michael Kidd-GilchristPF26CHO1213.36
Joe ChealeyPG24CHO310.3-52
Matt MooneySG22CLE32.0162
Kevin LovePF31CLE5431.5150
Tyler CookPF22CLE113.2133
Marques BoldenC21CLE13.0123
Andre DrummondC26CLE626.2118
Jordan ClarksonSG27CLE2923.0114
Tristan ThompsonC28CLE5630.6113
Larry NanceC27CLE5425.9110
John HensonPF29CLE2914.2101
Collin SextonSG21CLE6332.8101
Dean WadePF23CLE125.980
Cedi OsmanSF24CLE6329.378
Ante ŽižićC23CLE2210.066
Dante ExumSG24CLE2416.864
Kevin PorterSF19CLE5023.241
Darius GarlandPG20CLE5930.939
Matthew DellavedovaPG29CLE5513.531
Alfonzo McKinnieSF27CLE3814.531
Brandon KnightPG28CLE1615.13
J.P. MacuraSG24CLE11.00
Malik NewmanSG22CLE14.0-196
Luka DončićPG20DAL5133.1213
Kristaps PorziņģisPF24DAL4931.0162
Willie Cauley-SteinC26DAL1112.5131
Seth CurrySG29DAL5924.5127
Delon WrightSG27DAL6221.6122
Tim HardawaySG27DAL6028.3122
Dwight PowellC28DAL4026.5120
Dorian Finney-SmithPF26DAL6329.5115
Boban MarjanovićC31DAL348.6103
Jalen BrunsonPG23DAL5717.998
Courtney LeeSG34DAL2112.993
J.J. BareaPG35DAL2415.491
Ryan BroekhoffSG29DAL1710.690
Maxi KleberC28DAL6325.389
Justin JacksonPF24DAL5516.149
Antonius ClevelandSG25DAL63.7-22
Michael Kidd-GilchristSF26DAL97.9-38
Josh ReavesSG22DAL20.5-392
Nikola JokićC24DEN6332.3186
Paul MillsapPF34DEN4224.3160
Jamal MurrayPG22DEN5332.6147
Will BartonSF29DEN5633.0143
Noah VonlehPF24DEN35.3131
Jordan McRaeSG28DEN48.0125
Michael PorterPF21DEN4614.2114
Monte MorrisPG24DEN6321.6109
Mason PlumleeC29DEN5117.193
Jerami GrantPF25DEN6226.393
Keita Bates-DiopSF24DEN29.590
Gary HarrisSG25DEN5431.977
Torrey CraigSF29DEN4817.674
Malik BeasleySG23DEN4118.254
Vlatko ČančarSF22DEN143.243
Juan HernangómezPF24DEN3412.429
PJ DozierPG23DEN2011.729
Jarred VanderbiltSF20DEN94.619
Christian WoodPF24DET6020.9159
John HensonPF29DET1017.4154
Andre DrummondC26DET4933.8147
Derrick RosePG31DET5026.0126
Luke KennardSG23DET2832.9114
Reggie JacksonPG29DET1427.2102
Tony SnellSF28DET5727.892
Brandon KnightPG28DET823.589
Derrick WaltonPG24DET38.788
Bruce BrownSG23DET5728.086
Langston GallowaySG28DET6425.886
Sviatoslav MykhailiukSF22DET5422.582
Markieff MorrisPF30DET4422.570
Thon MakerC22DET5812.659
Blake GriffinPF30DET1828.451
Tim FrazierPG29DET2713.146
Donta HallPF22DET313.740
Sekou DoumbouyaSF19DET3619.915
Jordan McRaeSG28DET225.515
Louis KingSF20DET106.27
Khyri ThomasSG23DET65.7-18
Jordan BonePG22DET105.3-37
Stephen CurryPG31GSW527.8170
Marquese ChrissPF22GSW5820.2140
D’Angelo RussellPG23GSW3332.1140
Andrew WigginsSG24GSW1133.7135
Willie Cauley-SteinC26GSW4122.9123
Glenn RobinsonSF26GSW4831.6121
Alec BurksSG28GSW4829.0110
Draymond GreenPF29GSW4328.4105
Damion LeeSG27GSW4829.0100
Omari SpellmanPF22GSW4918.192
Eric PaschallPF23GSW5927.588
Alen SmailagićPF19GSW149.971
Mychal MulderSG25GSW629.570
Juan Toscano-AndersonSF26GSW1222.669
Dragan BenderSF22GSW821.151
Ky BowmanPG22GSW4422.546
Jeremy PargoPG33GSW314.740
Kevon LooneyC23GSW2013.138
Chasson RandlePG26GSW213.029
Jordan PooleSG20GSW5622.315
Jacob EvansSG22GSW2715.32
Zach NorvellSG22GSW312.0-1
James HardenSG30HOU5936.8227
Clint CapelaC25HOU3932.8161
Robert CovingtonPF29HOU1232.4151
Jeff GreenPF33HOU819.3150
Bruno CabocloSF24HOU44.5134
Russell WestbrookPG31HOU5136.0132
Danuel HouseSF26HOU5630.3105
Isaiah HartensteinC21HOU2311.692
Ben McLemoreSG26HOU6223.083
P.J. TuckerPF34HOU6234.580
Gary ClarkPF25HOU1811.874
DeMarre CarrollSF33HOU516.065
Tyson ChandlerC37HOU268.460
Thabo SefoloshaPF35HOU4010.760
Austin RiversSG27HOU5823.459
Chris ClemonsSG22HOU288.859
Eric GordonSG31HOU3328.650
Ryan AndersonPF31HOU27.044
Michael FrazierSG25HOU88.3-25
William HowardSG26HOU26.5-145
Malcolm BrogdonPG27IND4830.7147
T.J. WarrenSF26IND5932.5145
Domantas SabonisC23IND6034.6141
Jeremy LambSG27IND4628.1114
T.J. McConnellPG27IND6119.0109
Myles TurnerC23IND5329.4100
Justin HolidaySG30IND6325.098
Doug McDermottPF28IND6220.089
JaKarr SampsonSF26IND2413.187
Aaron HolidayPG23IND5623.383
T.J. LeafPF22IND257.782
Naz Mitrou-LongSG26IND314.357
Edmond SumnerPG24IND2313.451
Alize JohnsonSF23IND134.248
Victor OladipoSG27IND1125.543
Goga BitadzeC20IND488.538
Brian BowenSG21IND55.8-61
Kawhi LeonardSF28LAC4932.3246
Ivica ZubacC22LAC6218.1177
Paul GeorgeSF29LAC4029.1173
Johnathan MotleyPF24LAC133.2164
Patrick BeverleyPG31LAC4627.2126
Montrezl HarrellC26LAC6127.8114
Lou WilliamsSG33LAC5929.399
Patrick PattersonPF30LAC5012.092
Reggie JacksonPG29LAC720.184
Maurice HarklessSF26LAC5022.883
Mfiondu KabengeleC22LAC125.378
Landry ShametSG22LAC4528.067
JaMychal GreenPF29LAC5320.666
Derrick WaltonPG24LAC239.750
Marcus MorrisPF30LAC1028.947
Rodney McGruderSG28LAC4815.132
Terance MannSG23LAC357.724
Amir CoffeySG22LAC118.117
Jerome RobinsonSG22LAC4211.30
Anthony DavisPF26LAL5334.3245
LeBron JamesPG35LAL5834.9233
JaVale McGeeC32LAL5916.8169
Talen Horton-TuckerSG19LAL22.5131
Danny GreenSG32LAL5925.0115
Dwight HowardC34LAL6119.4100
Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG26LAL6125.487
Rajon RondoPG33LAL4620.682
Kostas AntetokounmpoPF22LAL31.774
Alex CarusoPG25LAL5618.172
Avery BradleySG29LAL4723.961
Markieff MorrisPF30LAL614.360
Troy DanielsSG28LAL4111.152
Quinn CookPG26LAL3810.850
Kyle KuzmaPF24LAL5224.750
Jared DudleySF34LAL407.847
Zach NorvellSG22LAL22.5-58
Jonas ValančiūnasC27MEM6126.1175
John KoncharSG23MEM1411.3158
Brandon ClarkePF23MEM5021.7157
Ja MorantPG20MEM5829.9142
Dusty HannahsSG26MEM26.5115
Tyus JonesPG23MEM6418.9113
Kyle AndersonPF26MEM5819.2102
Jae CrowderSF29MEM4529.499
De’Anthony MeltonPG21MEM5119.394
Jaren JacksonC20MEM5428.089
Gorgui DiengC30MEM1119.977
Josh JacksonSG22MEM1719.871
Solomon HillSF28MEM4818.868
Jordan BellPF25MEM210.567
Bruno CabocloSF24MEM228.763
Grayson AllenSG24MEM3016.660
Dillon BrooksSG24MEM6428.453
Anthony TolliverPF34MEM419.547
Yuta WatanabeSG25MEM166.247
Marko GuduricSG24MEM4211.339
Jarrod UthoffSF26MEM43.5-50
Jimmy ButlerSF30MIA5334.5219
Bam AdebayoPF22MIA6334.4182
Jae CrowderSF29MIA1228.5130
Duncan RobinsonSF25MIA6329.8128
Derrick JonesSF22MIA4924.2112
Kendrick NunnSG24MIA6029.8101
Goran DragićPG33MIA5228.596
Meyers LeonardC27MIA4920.190
KZ OkpalaSF20MIA55.287
Kelly OlynykC28MIA5718.878
Chris SilvaPF23MIA407.777
Andre IguodalaSG36MIA1218.673
Tyler HerroSG20MIA4627.770
Dion WaitersSG28MIA314.065
James JohnsonPF32MIA1815.653
Solomon HillSF28MIA49.535
Justise WinslowSF23MIA1132.030
Gabe VincentPG23MIA58.2-19
Udonis HaslemPF39MIA37.0-27
Daryl MaconSG24MIA43.5-59
Giannis AntetokounmpoPF25MIL5730.9287
Khris MiddletonSF28MIL5430.0212
Eric BledsoePG30MIL5527.1158
George HillPG33MIL5121.3144
Donte DiVincenzoSG23MIL5823.0139
Ersan İlyasovaPF32MIL5416.0111
Brook LopezC31MIL6026.696
Pat ConnaughtonSG27MIL5918.291
Wesley MatthewsSG33MIL6024.786
Marvin WilliamsPF33MIL1017.771
Kyle KorverSF38MIL4816.667
Sterling BrownSF24MIL4414.355
Thanasis AntetokounmpoSF27MIL174.347
Robin LopezC31MIL5814.247
D.J. WilsonPF23MIL308.632
Dragan BenderSF22MIL713.030
Frank MasonPG25MIL54.6-26
Karl-Anthony TownsC24MIN3533.9175
Malik BeasleySG23MIN1233.2143
D’Angelo RussellPG23MIN1032.3130
Juan HernangómezPF24MIN1229.5125
Gorgui DiengC30MIN4616.9122
Jordan McLaughlinPG23MIN2819.8118
Robert CovingtonPF29MIN4829.4112
Shabazz NapierPG28MIN3623.8107
Andrew WigginsSF24MIN4234.6103
Jeff TeaguePG31MIN3427.8103
James JohnsonPF32MIN1224.0102
Keita Bates-DiopSF24MIN3717.577
Noah VonlehC24MIN2912.077
Josh OkogieSG21MIN6024.776
Naz ReidC20MIN2816.072
Jordan BellC25MIN278.760
Jarrett CulverSG20MIN6124.049
Jake LaymanPF25MIN2122.348
Jarred VanderbiltPF20MIN22.543
Jaylen NowellSG20MIN1310.542
Kelan MartinSF24MIN3116.040
Treveon GrahamSG26MIN3320.126
Allen CrabbeSG27MIN914.6-23
Jacob EvansSG22MIN22.0-94
Zion WilliamsonPF19NOP1829.6203
Derrick FavorsC28NOP4424.3162
Jrue HolidaySG29NOP5434.9142
Brandon IngramPF22NOP5534.2140
J.J. RedickSG35NOP5426.4122
Lonzo BallPG22NOP5532.4122
Josh HartSF24NOP5627.494
Jaxson HayesC19NOP5617.087
Jahlil OkaforC24NOP2815.184
E’Twaun MooreSG30NOP5018.963
Kenrich WilliamsPF25NOP3522.361
Nicolò MelliC29NOP5116.961
Frank JacksonPG21NOP5012.918
Nickeil Alexander-WalkerSG21NOP4112.216
Zylan CheathamSF24NOP310.3-41
Josh GrayPG26NOP211.5-74
Mitchell RobinsonC21NYK5823.0138
Elfrid PaytonPG25NYK4227.7124
Marcus MorrisSF30NYK4332.3123
Julius RandlePF25NYK6132.5110
Taj GibsonC34NYK5916.5108
Kadeem AllenSG27NYK1011.768
Maurice HarklessSF26NYK924.167
Damyean DotsonSG25NYK4817.465
Bobby PortisC24NYK6321.164
Reggie BullockSG28NYK2723.963
Allonzo TrierPG24NYK2412.162
Wayne EllingtonSG32NYK3315.548
Frank NtilikinaPG21NYK5420.748
RJ BarrettSG19NYK5330.438
Kevin KnoxSF20NYK6218.125
Dennis SmithPG22NYK3415.81
Ignas BrazdeikisSF21NYK95.9-26
Chris PaulPG34OKC6231.7192
Danilo GallinariPF31OKC5430.7170
Steven AdamsC26OKC5727.0166
Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderSG21OKC6335.1138
Nerlens NoelC25OKC5418.4125
Dennis SchröderPG26OKC6230.992
Abdel NaderSF26OKC4715.759
Mike MuscalaC28OKC4112.053
Darius BazleyPF19OKC5317.245
Luguentz DortSG20OKC2821.637
Hamidou DialloSF21OKC3718.426
Terrance FergusonSF21OKC4923.57
Deonte BurtonSG26OKC348.4-1
Justin PattonC22OKC54.8-17
Devon HallSG24OKC54.0-23
Isaiah RobySF21OKC33.7-89
Kevin HerveyPF23OKC72.7-168
Jonathan IsaacSF22ORL3229.7163
Nikola VučevićC29ORL5232.6152
Evan FournierSG27ORL6131.7134
Aaron GordonPF24ORL5633.0117
Markelle FultzPG21ORL6228.3105
Michael Carter-WilliamsSG28ORL4018.193
D.J. AugustinPG32ORL4724.893
Mo BambaC21ORL5814.592
Terrence RossSG28ORL6127.390
James EnnisSF29ORL1023.583
Gary ClarkPF25ORL1513.174
Wesley IwunduSF25ORL4318.068
Khem BirchC27ORL3919.967
Al-Farouq AminuPF29ORL1821.144
Amile JeffersonPF26ORL184.133
Melvin FrazierSG23ORL153.415
Josh MagettePG30ORL84.8-11
B.J. JohnsonSF24ORL85.8-14
Vic LawSF24ORL42.0-155
Ben SimmonsPG23PHI5435.7180
Joel EmbiidC25PHI4330.3171
Glenn RobinsonSF26PHI1119.2138
Tobias HarrisPF27PHI6434.6136
Al HorfordC33PHI5930.8116
Shake MiltonSG23PHI3118.8115
Trey BurkePG27PHI2513.294
Alec BurksSG28PHI1020.193
Kyle O’QuinnC29PHI2510.292
Josh RichardsonSG26PHI4730.785
Furkan KorkmazSG22PHI6321.977
Mike ScottPF31PHI6217.774
James EnnisSF29PHI4915.871
Matisse ThybulleSG22PHI5619.568
Raul NetoPG27PHI4911.567
Norvel PelleC26PHI208.929
Zhaire SmithSG20PHI74.6-46
Marial ShayokSG24PHI25.0-50
Jonah BoldenPF24PHI43.5-94
Devin BookerSG23PHO6036.1138
Ricky RubioPG29PHO5531.4134
Deandre AytonC21PHO3033.2132
Kelly OubreSF24PHO5634.5114
Mikal BridgesSF23PHO6326.8112
Dario ŠarićPF25PHO5624.6110
Aron BaynesC33PHO4021.791
Cameron JohnsonPF23PHO4920.385
Frank KaminskyC26PHO3222.477
Cheick DialloC23PHO4210.574
Jevon CarterPG24PHO4814.567
Elie OkoboPG22PHO5313.358
Tariq OwensPF24PHO35.039
Ty JeromePG22PHO2611.036
Tyler JohnsonSG27PHO3116.633
Jonah BoldenPF24PHO311.029
Jalen LecquePG19PHO46.5-12
Jared HarperPG22PHO32.7-81
Damian LillardPG29POR5736.8207
Hassan WhitesideC30POR6031.2178
CJ McCollumSG28POR6136.0118
Trevor ArizaSF34POR2033.3111
Rodney HoodSF27POR2129.5104
Gary TrentSG21POR5220.079
Jaylen HoardSF20POR137.978
Skal LabissièreC23POR3317.269
Carmelo AnthonyPF35POR4932.566
Wenyen GabrielPF22POR169.346
Zach CollinsPF22POR328.743
Anthony TolliverPF34POR3316.841
Mario HezonjaPF24POR4616.340
Nassir LittlePF19POR4712.139
Anfernee SimonsSG20POR6421.729
Kent BazemoreSF30POR4325.829
Caleb SwaniganPF22POR1913.418
Moses BrownC20POR93.7-15
Richaun HolmesC26SAC3829.1149
Nemanja BjelicaPF31SAC6328.4140
De’Aaron FoxPG22SAC4431.7126
Buddy HieldSG27SAC6332.1122
Harrison BarnesPF27SAC6334.9104
Bogdan BogdanovićSG27SAC5228.5103
Harry GilesPF21SAC3715.394
Alex LenC26SAC816.984
Marvin BagleyPF20SAC1325.782
Eric MikaPF25SAC119.074
Trevor ArizaSF34SAC3224.772
Cory JosephPG28SAC6324.171
Kent BazemoreSG30SAC2023.464
Justin JamesSG23SAC346.448
Yogi FerrellPG26SAC4411.047
DaQuan JeffriesSG22SAC63.246
Kyle GuySG22SAC22.029
Dewayne DedmonC30SAC3415.918
Wenyen GabrielPF22SAC115.58
Jabari ParkerPF24SAC115.0-17
Anthony TolliverPF34SAC99.1-21
Caleb SwaniganPF22SAC73.3-85
DeMar DeRozanSF30SAS5934.1158
Dejounte MurrayPG23SAS5724.9142
Chimezie MetuPF22SAS164.6140
LaMarcus AldridgeC34SAS5233.0126
Trey LylesPF24SAS6119.6117
Jakob PöltlC24SAS5816.6114
Derrick WhiteSG25SAS5923.999
Patty MillsPG31SAS6122.892
Bryn ForbesSG26SAS6125.086
Drew EubanksPF22SAS128.484
Rudy GayPF33SAS5821.282
Keldon JohnsonSF20SAS78.782
Lonnie WalkerSG21SAS5314.553
Marco BelinelliSG33SAS5114.849
DeMarre CarrollSF33SAS159.0-8
Luka ŠamanićPF20SAS112.0-50
Quinndary WeatherspoonSG23SAS27.5-56
Shamorie PondsPG21TOR42.8199
Kyle LowryPG33TOR5036.4146
Norman PowellSG26TOR4229.2143
Fred VanVleetPG25TOR4835.8141
Pascal SiakamPF25TOR5135.4140
OG AnunobySF22TOR6129.9136
Chris BoucherPF27TOR5413.3130
Terence DavisSG22TOR6217.3108
Rondae Hollis-JeffersonSF25TOR5019.4108
Serge IbakaC30TOR4827.2106
Marc GasolC35TOR3527.897
Matt ThomasSG25TOR319.893
Paul WatsonSF25TOR32.780
Patrick McCawSF24TOR3524.360
Oshae BrissettSF21TOR197.117
Malcolm MillerSF26TOR255.015
Stanley JohnsonPF23TOR204.8-17
Dewan HernandezC23TOR42.8-53
Rudy GobertC27UTA6134.6163
Donovan MitchellSG23UTA6234.4133
Bojan BogdanovićSF30UTA6233.2121
Jordan ClarksonSG27UTA3325.4108
Joe InglesSF32UTA6329.9105
Tony BradleyC22UTA4910.6103
Mike ConleyPG32UTA4028.492
Royce O’NealePF26UTA6329.081
Georges NiangPF26UTA5713.370
Emmanuel MudiayPG23UTA4815.761
Juwan MorganPF22UTA164.641
Jeff GreenPF33UTA3018.440
Ed DavisC30UTA2510.722
Nigel Williams-GossPG25UTA93.111
Justin Wright-ForemanPG22UTA12.00
Rayjon TuckerSG22UTA145.6-3
Dante ExumSG24UTA117.5-8
Jarrell BrantleyPF23UTA52.6-14
Miye OniSG22UTA52.2-100
Stanton KiddSF27UTA43.8-167
Bradley BealSG26WAS5536.0164
Thomas BryantC22WAS3623.9130
Dāvis BertānsPF27WAS5229.4107
Rui HachimuraPF21WAS3929.5107
Troy BrownSG20WAS5924.8100
Johnathan WilliamsC24WAS1112.397
Ish SmithPG31WAS6026.294
Gary PaytonPG27WAS2715.693
Shabazz NapierPG28WAS1323.192
Isaac BongaSF20WAS5717.791
Ian MahinmiC33WAS3821.385
Jordan McRaeSG28WAS2922.679
Garrison MathewsSG23WAS1612.678
Moritz WagnerC22WAS3519.170
Isaiah ThomasPG30WAS4023.160
C.J. MilesSG32WAS1016.154
Chris ChiozzaPG24WAS1012.349
Jerome RobinsonSG22WAS1221.542
Justin RobinsonPG22WAS95.442
Anžejs PasečņiksC24WAS2317.539
Admiral SchofieldSF22WAS2611.222

28 thoughts on “NBA Player Production Average

  1. Great initiative. I am looking forward to the methodology behind the assignment of weights to the different categories. Good players come out on top, but your model does seem to favor big men more than guards/wings.

    It could be possible that these big men do indeed have a more positive impact on their team compared to the smaller players. However, eyeballing the results seem to consistently put big men above their teammates who are considered “better” by subjective opinions of the masses. (Gortat>Wall, Valanciunas>Lowry&DeRozan, Koufus&Randolph&CauleyStein as best Kings players, Monroe&Chandler&Len as best Suns players, etc).

    Good work, love the idea of adjusting for pace and I am looking forward to the process behind this model.


    1. Appreciate the thoughts. The ratings are driven by the regressions. I am looking at a some kind of a position adjustment, but it definitely won’t be PG/SG/SF/PF/C positions.

      It could be as few as three positions — something like guards, wings, and bigs. But, any position adjustment I do will be driven by numbers, not the poorly defined position designations typically used.


  2. Random comment on a dead thread here (but I love your stuff and am excited to see it kept up to date):

    Is it worth differentiating the value of rebounds? A guard getting you 5 rpg is helping you, but a big getting you 5 rebounds a game is hurting you, yet it seems they both get the same credit.

    Or to put it another way, a big’s first 5 rebounds aren’t important; they’re the ones that fall into your lap. It’s the next 5 that add value, and the 5 after that put you into Rodman territory.

    I forget how much you do with dopplegangers and comp players, but maybe that’s a way to get the Actual Rebounds vs. Expected Rebounds based on how they play?


    1. That’s an interesting idea. The simple way to do that would be a position adjustment, which I’ve tried, but… a) with position mattering less than ever, it logically feels weird to add in a position-specific adjustment, b) the value of the stat is determined by the regression, and c) when I’ve attempted position adjustments, they generally REDUCE the metric’s relationship with team success.

      I’ve been playing with the idea of doing something more role specific — something like PG, wings and bigs — but haven’t been able to devote much time to it yet.

      In a sense, this is already built into the metric because everything a player does is measured against the league average. It’s always a work in progress, of course. 🙂


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