Andray Blatche Injury Symptoms

Mike Lee at the Washington Post reports that Andray Blatche will need more time for his injured shoulder to heal before he returns to action. Blatche’s quote in the story is quintessential Blatche.

From Lee’s story:

Andray Blatche had another MRI on Wednesday in Chicago to see how his sprained right shoulder is progressing. He is still listed as day-to-day but that day could still be some time away since he continues to have limited mobility in the arm. Blatche can lift his arm forward, but he cannot put it above his head from the side.

“It’s not good. I can lift it, but I can’t shoot at all. I can barely bounce a ball,” said Blatche, who has missed the past three games. “They haven’t given me [a timetable] yet. It all depends on how it heals. We haven’t been able to get it to heal.”

This made me laugh. Can’t shoot, can’t dribble. Note that he he didn’t say, “…I can’t rebound…” or “…I can’t hold anyone off in the post…” or “…I can’t set effective screens…”

Can’t shoot, can’t bounce the ball. What else is there in basketball? Not much — at least in Blatche’s mind.


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