Stephen King to Write for ‘Walking Dead’?

I’m not normally a horror consumer, but I could not resist a zombie show run by The Shawshank Redemption writer Frank Darabont. Viewer reaction was mixed, but I thought The Walking Dead was terrific.

So, I admit to being more than a little geeked up when I saw this news: that Stephen King might write an episode in the upcoming season. One more reason to keep watching.


3 thoughts on “Stephen King to Write for ‘Walking Dead’?

  1. Terrific show on AMC. There are scares, but the show at its core is really about people surviving a catastrophic breakdown of society. It takes its share of criticism, but I thought it was a worthy addition to the AMC lineup.


  2. I love a story where the characters are put to the test. Zombies haven’t always been my favorite but they are very effectively scary…to me anyway. Lots of room for intensity in the scenes, I’m sure.


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